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Next Level Teacher Training

March 10 - March 25

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I remember when I graduated from my first teacher training…

My heart had been ripped WIDE open. There it was, open, ready to receive and dive deeper but my 200 hours was up. I remember the first yoga classes I taught. They circled the few themes we discussed during training and focused on what I was going through at the time. I was doing my best with the information I’d been given, but there was only so much I could learn in 200 hours. A few years after my first training I had hit a wall and was craving more to enrich my practice and my teaching. What I needed was more depth to my classes and more tools. For the next 5 years that’s what I did – filled my tool belt.

That’s what this teacher training is about – adding tools to your teaching belt…

Imagine that your life is a tool belt, and your first teacher training gave you a hammer and nails (maybe a measuring tape if you were lucky), and with just those few tools you were asked to build a house…a Yoga House. To build a solid house you not only need a good foundation you also need an abundance of tools to help you construct it. Your 200 hour teacher training was your foundation, and now it’s time to add more tools.

What tools?

Sequencing & theming: How to prepare and open the body in ways you need so poses are more accessible. Functional anatomy and alignment you can apply to your practice so that it’s easily understood and translated to your students. You’ll learn how to sequence your classes in a purposeful way and how to weave a theme into your class. You’ll also discover how sequencing and theming can be energetically in alignment!

Intermediate and advanced postures: Not just how to do them (yes, that’s the fun part!), but how to teach them, how to sequence for them, how to get strong for them, and how to release after them.

Philosophy: The universal laws that help us lead a more peaceful and content life. These are essential for our own well being, and being able to share them in a way that is powerful, relatable and understandable can change the lives of you and your students in unimaginable ways. We’ll focus on the deeper layers of yogic philosophy; such as: the Kleshas, Dharma, and the importance of Sadhana.

Intuitive Teaching and Assisting: The best teachers teach to the room, not to themselves. They teach through the wisdom that life has blessed them with. There are simple, readable queues in the body and breath that are clues for how a class is landing.

Assisting is a powerful practice for teachers and students. There are so many ways to assist, in this program you’ll learn corrective assists to help guide your students into their best alignment as well as develop a deep understanding of energetic lines within the body to help strengthen your intuitive assists. We’ll also explore self adjusting in our home practice as well.

Specialty Yoga: We’ll go over how to cater a class to a student/clients needs. This will be a great practice in learning to use yoga as medicine rather than discipline. We’ll discuss modifications, sequencing, and practices for special groups. (pre/post natal, large bodies, handicap bodies, elderly classes, private clients, etc.)

How to share your message and YOUR yoga: I like to say that teaching is a 51/49 split – 51% is student and 49% is teacher. It’s almost equal but at the end of the class you aren’t just teaching for you, you’re teaching because yoga ignited something so powerful within you that you chose to share it. We’ll learn to share selflessly and to show up and honor ourselves while serving our students first and foremost.


March 10 – 11
March 17 – 18
March 23 – 25 (Retreat and Graduation)


Saturdays 9:30am – 6:00pm
Sundays 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Retreat Weekend All day


Non-refundable deposit: $300
Before January 15th, 2018 : $769 (Save $80 Early Bird if paid in full before January 15th)
After January 15th, 2018 : $849
Payment plan: $899 (must be paid in full by the end of the program)